Packages, Master Classes, and 1-on-1 Sessions

There are multiple ways to work with AMG Innovative Consultants.

Consultant Options: If you are looking for a consultant to come to do the work for you - check out our Package Options below.

Group Classes:

Google Analytics Master Class - 1st Quarter to be announced soon!

Google My Business Master Class - Coming Fall 2022!

I-on-1 Sessions: We work with you

Google Analytics 1-on-1 Master Class - If you want help to set up Google Analytics 4, connect it to your website, and a strategy to improve your website performance on your schedule.

Google My Business - We walk your through setting up your advanced profile a 45 minute session. You do need a verified Google My Business profile for this to be one session.

One-Time Setup:

Google My Business Advanced Profile Setup - Let us take the stress out knowing what needs to be added to your Google My Business Profile. We meet for 15 minutes with you then you move on with your day and We do the work. You receive a video when we are almost done to confirm information we added is accurate. We make changes based on your response to the video.

Google Analytics Setup - Coming in 2022

Month-to-Month Support: We do it for you

If you are looking for Advanced Google My Business Profile Management (month-to-month). We offer options based Posting to your site 3 times a week or 5 times a week.

GMB 3 Profile Management

GMB 5 Profile Management

But First....

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The process of learning to work with Amy is a two-step process.

First, schedule an appointment for you free 45 minute Strategy Session. We cover your business and analytics. I walk you through what I see as immediate needs and discuss what recommendations I would make. This is not a sales call.

When you are ready, the next step is to discuss pricing and packages. This is a separate appointment.

All Packages Include:

Ideal Client Focused SEO Audit​

Ideal Client SEO Website copy with documentation

Using Google Analytics to create a business and marketing strategy

Weekly Meetings to cover to-do list and what has been accomplished

Retail / E-Commerce Package

Consulting Package:

We do the work for you

Dashboard Package:

You are ready to level up

  • Price: $5000 to $10,000 based on number of sku's / parent-child variations
  • Contract: 1 year
  • SEO for each product, category, and pages
  • Google Analytics set up for tracking of conversions, goals, and carts
  • Have a maximum of 400 parent sku's

  • Price: $5000
  • Contract: 6 months
  • Incorporates Ideal Client Language onto your website (we help with keywords)
  • Ideal Client Language Strategy for Social Media and Ads
  • Create up to 5 website pages

  • Price: $3000
  • Contract: 4 months
  • You have a marketing plan and now you need one place for all of the data
  • We work together to create criteria to determine best options
  • AMG researches different dashboards based on criteria
  • Options are placed in a weighted matrix for you to see the option with the highest percentage of matching you criteria.

AMG Innovative Consultants, INC

Lake Elsinore, CA

We meet with Clients:

Over Zoom and Google Meets


Over the Phone