Get a quick overview of what Team AMG is hired by companies that focus on products that are allergen-friendly and ethically processed. From food and beverage to personal products we help our clients find more of their ideal clients.

Drive the RIGHT Traffic to Your Website

Are you purpose driven CEO or Executive in the allergy-friendly or natural food and product industry looking to drive more of your ideal client to your website?

My team and I help companies drive more traffic to their website, products and/or services by understanding who want to work with and who is looking for you.

Are you working for your website? Or is your website working for you?

Your website needs to be human friendly.

But without spending millions on software or ads.

You need someone who can handle most aspects of your website

from Development to SEO to Design.

How We Help Allergy Focused Companies

As a consumer who purchases based on allergies, Amy has inside knowledge of what consumers are looking for and how they shop.

  • Transparency: We show you how to be transparent so the consumer can make the best decision.

  • Safety: You want to help them answer the question: how safe will my family be if I buy this product?

  • Buying Habits: Allergy consumers are brand loyal if they trust you. We can show you how.

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Team AMG brings this all together on your website. By focusing on the human being on the other end who is researching and looking for your product.

Our focus is on your website from Website Copy to Website Flow to User Functionality.


  • Step 1: We look at your website copy vs your ideal client language and website setup.

  • Step 2: We create a strategy around engaging your audience and implement it.

  • Step 3: Track progress towards retention and conversion.

We have developed our process based on the International Institute of Business Analysts best practices and working with clients.

Amy's Story

Amy has dealt with sensitivities to ingredients her entire life. But 15 years ago, this changed dramatically for the worse.

She was diagnosed with a Super Sensitive Corn Allergy. She also has environmental allergies to mold and grass. This is significant because almost all manufactured food is made from moldy corn. This led Amy to pull out her degree in research and analysis to start determining what she could not only eat but use for personal products.

Today her research helps her clients reach more consumers. Through understanding the wide range of allergens and their effects on the body. She helps consumers who need transparency in food and companies who want to grow. She and her team takes the complicated world of allergies, and brings understanding and simplification.

Frequently Asked Quesstions

What is Website Flow?

Think of your website as a research paper. Each page should part of a larger topic with subtopics. If your website is a group of random pages with no flow you will leave your users frustrated and confused. How a person is feeling while on your site can have as much impact on them as the words and images.

What is SEO?

The simple answer is search engine optimization covers how people who don't know you exist find you. Here's a blog on What is SEO.

Why is Ideal Client Language so Important?

Ideal Client Language is how your clients describe their problems. It is also how they describe what you do. Here's a blog on why Ideal Client Language is so important.

Will this solution solve all of my problems?

No. SEO is part of a larger marketing strategy you need to have in place. When you work with us we walk you through your strategy and how to improve it based on your ideal client. Here's a blog with more information.