AMG Innovative Consultants

Websites with Purpose and Accountability

Your website needs to be human friendly.

It should have an easy flow for people to use.

But without spending millions on software.

You want a website that functions and gets you business.

We help you reach your Ideal Client and Measure the Success based on set standards.

You see the entire process along the way.


Our focus is on your website. Does it flow for new users and returning users? What is your Call-To-Action (CTA) and does it make sense for your end result?

We do this by looking at 3 different aspects of your tech:

  1. SEO - includes alt text on images, website copy, load times with a mobile focus, to Google Search Results

  2. Software - are you paying for software you are not using? Is there better software to use at a lower cost?

  3. Reducing Costs - from Paid Ads (PPC) to software if we can save you money we will find it.

We bring this altogether through understanding who your ideal client is. We focus on them, what they want, what they are looking for, and the systems you have in place.


We have developed our process based on the International Institute of Business Analysts best practices and working with clients.

  • Step 1: An Audit covering User Perspective of your web site, Social Media Channels, Paid Ad Strategy, and who your Ideal Client is.

  • Step 2: We create a blueprint of the work to be done.

  • Step 3: With your approval we implement the blueprint, making changes to your website.

  • Step 4: Implementing your Ideal Client language into your social media and paid ads.


It's important to Team AMG to be accountable and showing deliverables. We have set measurement and parameters to balance against your numbers.

  • Google Analytics 4: We have been using this app to determine different aspects of customers engagement on your website.

  • Google Search Console: This app allows us to see how brand new traffic to your website finds you; as well as, monitor what Google sees on your website.

  • Google Business Profile: This is not for every business, but if you qualify for a profile we will help you learn to use it effectively to help reach more new clients.

Our Process

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Frequently Asked Quesstions

What is Website Flow

Think of your website like a research paper. Each page should part of a larger topic with subtopics. If your website is a group of random of pages with no flow you will leave your users frustrated and confused. How a person is feeling while on your site can have as much impact on them as the words and images.

What is SEO?

The simple answer is search engine optimization covers how people who don't know you exist find you. Here's a blog on What is SEO.

Why is Ideal Client Language so Important?

Ideal Client Language is how your clients describe their problem. It is also how they describe what you do. Here's a blog on why Ideal Client Language is so important.

Will this solution solve all of my problems?

No. SEO is part of a larger marketing strategy you need to have in place. When you work with us we walk you through your strategy and how to improve it based on your ideal client. Here's a blog with more information.