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September 01, 20223 min read

When you build your business, you know you need good foundation. What most small business owners don't realize is they also need an SEO foundation to build their business. Let's chat about the two cornerstones of an SEO foundation: Ideal Client Language and Measurement.

Why You Need an SEO Foundation

A key to small business success in today's world is you NEED to be visible online. But just being visible isn't going to help you succeed. You need two key factors to make SEO work for you.

You need to understand what problem you solve for others and who your product or service helps. Being visible only works if the right client can find you. But happens once they find you?

You need to understand how they found you and what they look at on your website. If you don't have these two pieces in place your site will never convert to sales or booked appointments. Let's start with breaking down Ideal Client Language.

Ideal Client Language and Your SEO Foundation

Ideal Client Language.....this is probably one of the most stressful phrases to a small business owner. If you are just starting how do you know WHO your ideal client is? If you've been in business for a while, how do you narrow down all the information you may have on hand? These are two very distinct problems. I am going to discuss each one separately.

Startup Business and Ideal Client Language

You are starting a business or you have been in business for under 2 years and still struggle with who your ideal client is.

First, Welcome to the Club! What you are experiencing is normal. So how do you determine what the right language is to use on your website, social media, and when you talk to people?

You have to network. You have to talk to people who you think you could help or would want to work with. When you talk to someone, what is the phrase or word they used to make you think "I can help them"? That is your starting point. This will evolve over time, but this is the first step.

Established Business and Ideal Client Language

Many people think once they are established Ideal Client Language will become easier. It really doesn't, unless you dialed into a niche market. But even then it can be a struggle.

Part of the problem is there are so many people giving advice in this area, and not all of it works for everyone. For me, I don't like imagining speaking to an avatar who is 60 years old, gets coffee every morning , and has 2.5 kids. I need to think about real people.

So my technique is to think about my top 5 favorite clients. When we first met what did they say that told me I could help them? That is your starting point.


What does measurement have to do with SEO? EVERYTHING. If you are not measuring your progress and strategizing, you are technically only performing Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about measuring your success and focusing in on what you can control to get the desired results.

How do you measure success? You need to connect Google Analytics 4 to your website. The first two numbers to look at are: 1) Engagement Time - are people engaging on your site for longer than 1 minute? If not, you are attracting the wrong client. 2) Go to Path Explorer and see how many people land on your homepage. Did a minimum of 50% move onto another page? If not, you need to start by updating your homepage..

Do You Want Help?

I am launching a monthly workshop called: Ideal Client Workshop. It is a 60 minute session on the first Tuesday of every month. We walk through how to determine your Ideal Client Language and how to use it on your website. Click the button below for the registration link.

Amy Graves

Amy opened her business on March 2, 2020 as Covid was shutting everyone down. Here series of blogs helps people understand their first steps in SEO to help keep their doors open for years to come.

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