In the world of SEO there is one sure way to increase traffic: FOCUS ON PEOPLE.

My blogs help you see how to understand the people who use your website. This gives you the ability to help users understand what you do and who you help.

SEO Is One Step In Your Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
September 01, 20222 min read

The confusion around SEO runs deep. Many business owners have been led to believe they only need SEO and overnight clients will appear. This is not the case. SEO is part of your much larger business strategy.

SEO and Business Strategy

SEO and Networking go hand-in-hand. Did you know the more people that Google Search your business name or URL you increase our ranking on Search Engines?

This is why, from an SEO perspective your name and URL are so important. When I named my company, I was frustrated that all the names I wanted were taken (I went through 150 names!). I threw in the towel went with whatever (current name) and bought the domain to go with it. My plan is to rename when I rebrand. BUT I had to change my URL to something people would remember. This is why last year - I switched to

The Numbers

Now when I am a guest on podcasts or in a networking session it is so EASY for people to find my website. As I have made it easier for people to Google me and my company, the higher I rank on search engines. I also have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

My old website had a .05% CTR. Any Main Street fluctuates between 15% and 20%.

My old website ranked around 50 to 60 on a Google Search. Any Main Street (which launched 6 months ago) started at 30 and is now at 15. This one started better because I put out updates about the new website, driving more people to the site. Combine that with a podcast blitz in January, and now we connect the dots.

Bringing it Together

If you want to truly leverage SEO it is more than backlinking and using the right words. It really comes down to the foundation level of your business. What are you doing to market your business? What is the plan to market your business? Now how do you bring in SEO as part of the plan, to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Need Help?

This is one aspect that makes me unique in the world of SEO. If you are looking for someone who sees the big picture, go to my website: or Google Any Main Street. Learn more about me and my company and if you are ready you can book a call to chat about where you are today and what you want to achieve.

Amy Graves

Amy opened her business on March 2, 2020 as Covid was shutting everyone down. Here series of blogs helps people understand their first steps in SEO to help keep their doors open for years to come.

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