In the world of SEO there is one sure way to increase traffic: FOCUS ON PEOPLE.

My blogs help you see how to understand the people who use your website. This gives you the ability to help users understand what you do and who you help.

SEO and The BIG Picture

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
September 01, 20221 min read

SEO is part of your marketing BIG Picture. It should be integrated into the day-to-day marketing operations you already have planned and work on. Here are some quick tips on how to work in SEO into your daily marketing schedule.

Big Picture: Networking

SEO when focused on your Ideal Client means you connect faster with new people. Almost all networking sessions have you give your 30 second elevator pitch. This pitch should be hyper focused on your Ideal Client. You should be able to connect with the right people with just the elevator pitch.

Social Media

Those fantastic works you use in your elevator pitch? You can use them in your social media from posts to videos to ads. You can expand on your knowledge and show you understand what they are feeling and experiencing, in their own words.


All that language you have determined can now be used on your website. Your website should show your Ideal Client you understand them. You do that through the use of words and telling a story. How you relate to people on your website is what leads to booked meetings and sold products. You understand their needs, their problems, and how to solve their problems.

Next Steps

There are two ways to move forward.

Attend my Ideal Client Workshop that is the first Tuesday of every month. July 5th is my next workshop. Tickets are free and on Eventbrite.

July 18th - 22nd I am hosting a Powerhouse Event where I am bringing in thought-leaders in different areas of business to help you grow your business. The Event is "5 Steps to Being Found in a Highly Competitive Market".

Amy Graves

Amy opened her business on March 2, 2020 as Covid was shutting everyone down. Here series of blogs helps people understand their first steps in SEO to help keep their doors open for years to come.

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